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A healthy body and mind is built on a foundation of quality food and quality movement.  That's why Chriss Mogg, Personal Trainer and maker of @livingmovingbeing has created a both a training guide and a healthy eating guide.

Fuel your body with quality nutrition and learn to perform quality movement every day with the LMBfit + LMBfood Combo pack. Save 10% when you buy both at once!


LMBfit 10-week Training Guide


The LMBfit 10-week Training Guide is a comprehensive, 7-days a week body-weight workout plan, incorporating a range of different types of training including HIIT cardio & strength sessions, endurance cardio sessions and yoga-style stretch sessions.
The guide provides a detailed explanation of how to perform each exercise with correct technique, and is full of practical fitness education and help you to enrich your life with physical activity and get the best out of your body!
The LMBfit guide is useful for EVERYONE: all fitness levels, any gender, any age

LMBfit will benefit you if:

  • you want to increase your fitness and make physical activity a regular part of your life
  • you want to build your knowledge and understanding of how to develop fitness of body and mind
  • you want to learn more about HIIT style workouts
  • you are looking to lose weight and get "in shape"
  • you have been working out for a while now and are looking for ways to take your training to the next level or learn new skills
  • you're a total newbie to the world of fitness and want to learn properly right from the start!
  • you love the idea of no-equipment workouts that can be done literally anywhere!


What you'll need

+ your body
+ a copy of the program
+ a timer
+ a willingness to get sweaty!

The program is all about teaching you how to get fit - really fit -  using your body and features of your house or local park to help you. No gym fees, no complex equipment and no excuses!

For the BEST experience, combine your 10-week Training Guide with the LMBfood healthy eating guide. Nutrition & Fitness go hand in hand - so if you really want to embrace a healthy lifestyle and build your best body ever, make sure to learn how to balance both in your life!

LMBfood healthy eating guide

The LMBfood guide contains over 30 clean-eating meals + snacks, suggested weekly eating plans and healthy eating advice. Get ready to fall in love with delicious, whole food and learn how to support your wellness through nutrition!

The LMBfood guide is useful for EVERYONE. The guide details how to adjust the plan to optimise your diet for different activity levels and goals, and it is easy to make the plan vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian.

LMBfood will benefit you if:

  • you want to learn about simple, healthy eating
  • you want to support your active lifestyle with optimal nutrition
  • you want to learn how to control unhelpful eating habits
  • you want to be in control of your diet
  • you are looking to lose weight and get "in shape"
  • you're a total newbie to the world of health + fitness and want to learn properly right from the start!
  • you love the idea of fresh, whole, delicious food!


LMBfit download

NOTE: All prices listed are in AUD. After purchase you can download immediately. You will also receive a link via email for future use. You can download each guide up to five times. You may download the guides to your computer, phone or tablet and use as is, or print off a hard copy.