livingmovingbeing has released LMBfit and LMBfood to help you to live, move and be your best!

The LMBfit 10-week Training Guide is a comprehensive, 7-days a week body-weight workout plan, incorporating a range of different types of training including HIIT cardio & strength sessions, endurance cardio sessions and yoga-style Stretch sessions.

The guide provides a detailed explanation of how to perform each exercise with correct technique, and is full of practical fitness education and advice to enrich your physical activity and help you get  the best out of your body!


LMBfood is full of recipes and diet advice based on the way livingmovingbeing eats everyday. The recipes are tried and tested.  They are delicious, healthy and satisfying.

The LMBfood guide is useful for EVERYONE who is seeking to have a cleaner, healthier diet. The guide details how to optimise your nutrition for a variety of goals including weight loss and weight management, and includes information to suite a variety of food preferences/dietary requirements including vegetarianism, veganism, gluten-intolerance or pescatarianism.